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Every student, possess their own Unique Skills and desires concerning the program, course or the university they wish to study in. Through our 15 years’ worth of experience- having helped over 2,500 students to reach their dream Universities and the zeal to provide personalized solutions, we take into consideration all factors involved and provide the guidance to help you make an informed decision that will help you shape your future!

We set our students on the right path to Actualise their goals by- assisting them with their programs & University selection and guiding them throughout their Application process. With a combined knowledge of over 15 years, we have been successful in placing our students in the most Reputed Universities and colleges Abroad. Our students have distinguished themselves with fantastic careers, and have secured scholarships in some of the World’s top Universities and colleges!

Our Proven and Unique 8 Step Process


Student Career Assessment Test

Identify your strengths and limitations- we recommend 3 best career options for you!



Our unbiased counselling ensures that we shortlist the Universities that are the best fit for you based on our Experience, and your Areas of Interest.


Plan of Action/Goal Setting

A planner is made with each student, with deadlines for each part of the Application process. This gives our students, ample time to prepare a well thought through the application.


Create Your Story

We, work with you to help you realize your career aspirations, and why should you apply to a particular university, and how the university does fit your goals. Together, we create a clear roadmap that showcases your career goals in your application.


Application Processing

Our experienced Admin team does multiple reviews of your application. These quality checks, ensure that the best Application is sent to the University.


Interview Preparation

We, go through a series of Mock Interviews, to give you a first-hand experience of how an Interview would be. We, set up Interview Questions after discussing with Alums from the University and understanding their experiences.


Visa Guidance

Forms- Documents- Interviews- We, ensure that we are with you throughout the Visa process.


Pre-Departure Orientation

We provide our students with an Orientation, to familiarize them with – Campus Life, as well as Cultural Integrations in the new Country. We are with our students always ☺

admission process for higher study in canada for indian students

Why Us?

  • Kingsway Career Test Our Career Test helps analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and recognize 3 best career options for you! This self-analysis helps in determining the Right: Course – university- Country, based on your Strengths and Interests!
  • Goal We realize that every student is different and so are their passions, skills, and ambitions. We consider every aspect before counselling.
  • Top Editors Plan Framework: Keeping your schedule in mind, we devise a plan with you with deadlines, so that the Application process is not daunting for you, and that you are always well prepared, and ahead of the crowd, to have a fantastic application!
  • Expert Counsellors Our Counsellors have over 15 years of combined experience, of helping over 2,500 students get into their Dream Universities and colleges, and have amazing careers! We, give unbiased counselling, and all our counsellors are Internationally recognized.
  • Higher Acceptance Rates Our Unique 8 step processes, ensure that there are Multiple Checkpoints throughout your Application, and thus the Acceptance rates of Kingsway students, will always be higher!
  • Passionate Team Our Team is known in the Industry, to be the MOST passionate and Committed to helping each student get admission to their dream Universities and colleges! Our, team works with our students tirelessly to ensure that a Perfect Application is sent to the University.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any scholarships/ financial aid available by the universities?

Usually, at the undergraduate level, there is very little financial assistance/ scholarships available. At the graduate level, some scholarships are available with the individual universities, based on the students’ academic achievement.

Which is the standardized test for English proficiency required by Australian Universities?

For most courses and universities, international students are required to take IELTS (International English Language Test).

What other standardized tests are required for postgraduate courses?

Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is required by most universities for a Management course. However, it is advisable to enclose a copy of your score sheet if you have done well in the test.


Kingsway bolstered me from the very beginning of my entire study abroad application process for New Zealand. My advocate was extremely strong and she guided me through the entire system. I truly welcome the help and the direction given to me by the staff. Thanks, Kingsway Immigration!
The assistance I got at Kingsway Immigration has been brilliant. The staff were extremely useful and helped me deal with each step of the Visa processing thoroughly. They likewise helped me pursue my dream of studying in Australia.
The course at the Kingsway Immigration is great. I discovered their adaptability in planning exceptionally helpful. They have been a great help and assisted me completely along with helping me prepare for the examinations! I am a happy student and now studying in the UK.
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